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The People's Guide
Travel Letter
has been suspended


Travel Letter #7
Day of the Dead, Winter 1998-1999

A Cheap Mexican Vacation
by David “El Codo” (cheapskate) Eidell

Live & Retire in Mexico on a Realistic Budget by Carl Franz

People’s Guide to Mexico 25th Anniversary

Spa Review: Punta Serena

The Ayudante as Folk Hero

School Days in Mexico

Days of the Dead

Living in San Cristobal del Las Casas
by Sage Mountainfire



Travel Letter #6
Mexico and Central America, Winter 1997-1998

Carl’s Notebook

Parrot Fever by Carl Franz

Retirement: Gringa Unplugged by Lee Valiente

Retiring In Mazatlan by Thom McDonald

Moral Requirements for Retiring to Mexico

Health Insurance in Mexico

Impressions of Mexico

Mountain Biking in Mexico

Food: Dinner with Dona Mica

Health: Seeking Information on Dentists

Shopping: Crafts Shopping Tips by Steve Rogers

Driving: The Resurrection of the VW Van
by Ken Luboff

Senor Codo’s Travel Tips by David Eidell

Book Reviews: Under the Tabachin Tree

Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping

Baja: It’s What They Say

Oaxaca Hurricane


Travel Letter #5
Mexico and Central America, Winter 1996-1997

Retirement: A letter From Baja by Joan Parker

Letter From Felders

Retirement Book Reviews: Belize Retirement Guide

Mexico Living & Traveling

The Gringo’s Investment Guide

Basic Retirement Information
by Steve Rogers & Frank Fair

Mondo Condo

Baja ‘97 by David Eidell

Rock Climbing in Zacatecas

Bird Watcher’s Dream, Aztlan

Oaxaca Tips by Strauss

Book Reviews: Oaxaca Crafts & Sightseeing

The Volcanos From Puebla

The Last Lords of Palenque

A Vagabond in Mexico

Indo-Hispanic Fold Art traditions


Driving In Mexico in ‘96 by Steve Rogers

Letters: Old Broad Asks for Advice

Food: Chile Rellenos by Steve Rogers

Good Health: Do It Yourself by Carl Franz

Learn Spanish Before Heading South
by Thom McDonald

Spanish Book Reviews by Carl Franz

Tips for Learning Spanish by Carl Franz

Border Crossing Tips by David Eidell

Souvener Shopping, Lorena Style by Carl Franz

Meditation in Mexico


Travel Letter #4
Mexico and the Ruta Maya, Winter 1995

Copper Canyon: Caves by Carl Franz

Batopilas by Carl Franz

Copper Canyon: Travel Tips by Carl Franz

The Savvy Bus Traveler

Letters: Quinta California Resort, San Blas

Shortwave Radio

Health: Pennyroyal Oil Versus the No-see-um
by David Eidell

Prescriptions Drugs Cheaper in Mexico
by David “El Codo” Eidell

Border Crossing at Columbus, New Mexico

The Hippie Historian

Tortas El Gordo by David Eidell

Retirement Letter

“Mexico Mike’s” Favorite Places
by “Mexico Mike” Nelson

Dem Dats Doin by Alfredo Villoria

Belize Undersea Park and Reef Etiquette

Belize First Newsletter

Hot Springs by Jeff Kallam

Book Reviews: Judas At the Jockey Club

Mexican Roadside Flora

Langenscheidt’s Pocket Spanish Dictionary

Northern Mexico Handbook

Copper Canyon: Hiking Guide

Copper Canyon: Books

Linda Nyquist’s Favorite Books

Mexican Slang

Map Reviews


Travel Letter #3
Ruta Maya and Central America, Winter 1994

New Information on Water Purification

The Ruta Maya: What is it by Carl Franz

The Bay Islands of Honduras

Book Reviews: The Volcanos From Puebla

Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Vinnie’s Letter

Rules of the Road by “Mexico Mike”


Travel Letter #2
Mexico, Winter 1992-1993

Super Buses by Carl Franz

Meditation in Mexico

Safety Warning for Maya Bell

Steve’s 'No Fair' Tortilla Tips Color

Letter from J. Fugate

Mondo Condo



Sorry, but publication of the People's Guide Travel Letter has been suspended

by Carl Franz & Lorena Havens