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Langenscheidt's Pocket Spanish Dictionary

Review by Carl Franz

Langenscheidt's Pocket Spanish Dictionary, 1985, Langenscheidt Publishers, Inc. 46-35 54th Road, Maspeth, N.Y. 11378. $12.95 ISBN 0-88729-103-1.

This fat, 656 page, pocket-sized Spanish/English dictionary has been my personal favorite since I began using it a few years ago. Unlike cheaper paperback dictionaries that self-destruct with even average use, Langenscheidt's bright yellow plastic cover is made for a long life and hard travelling. Better yet, the dictionary is printed on white paper (not muddy newsprint) and the typeface is crisp and bold, readable even in low-light back-of-the-bus conditions. Though no pocket dictionary includes more than a smattering of Mexico's countless modismos (idioms), with over 40,000 entries I find that my Langenscheidt easily sees me through non-fiction books, daily newspapers and current events magazines.

Langenscheidt's Pocket Spanish Dictionary

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