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Mexico’s Lake Chapala and Ajijic by Teresa Kendrick


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Copper Canyon Trail: Burro assisted Trekking: Burro assisted pack trips into the remote depths of the Copper Canyon.


Mexico’s Lake Chapala and Ajijic: The Insider’s Guide: With contributions from experts in anthropology, natural history, language and culture, author and Ajijic resident Teresa Kendrick presents a description of Lake Chapala and its popular tourist and retirement communities that is broad in scope yet also quite detailed.... (Full Review) by Carl Franz

Belize Retirement Guide: The character of the country is much like turn-of-the-century rural America. In other words, Belize is genuinely laid-back, with very little industry, pollution, traffic or stress.

Book Stores

La Pared: New & Used Books, Gifts from throughout Mexico, Amber Jewelry.


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Quality Mexican auto insurance. Medical Evacuation included at no extra charge - for all people in your travel group!

•Mexico Insurance Services

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Lewis & Lewis Auto Insurance

Mexican Auto Insurance: A brief introduction: To drive in Mexico, the minimum required insurance coverage is Civil Liability Insurance. This coverage protects you in the event you cause bodily injury or property damage to third parties... (more) by Peter Bassel, Mexican Auto Insurance


Mexico Maps The go-to-site for Mexico mapping. Road atlases, travel maps, topographic sheets

Maps Gone Tomorrow: Mexico Maps: An attractive, well-designed online map store with a very good selection of Guia Roji and ITM maps

Spanish Language Schools

Encuentros: Lorena says "As a results of years of learning a bit here and a bit there, my Spanish is a real mishmash. Jeannie designed a study program for me that improved my Spanish very rapidly....(more)"

Experiencia: The winner of The People's Guide to Mexico 25th anniversay contest studied Spanish at Experiencia.

El Jovel: High quality, one-on-one, Spanish classes while living with a Mexican family.

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