Mexico's Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Trails

Burro-assisted Treks & Canyoneering in Mexico

Carl Franz says:

Tucson-based guides Mike Huckaby and Cathy Waterman have been exploring Mexico's northern Sierra Madre and Copper Canyon for many years. I first worked with them on treks we led for Adventure Specialists, the pioneer outfitter for serious Copper Canyon trekking. For more than 30 years Adventure Specialists led customized canyon treks for independent hikers, the Sierra Club and other organizations. I was quite pleased to learn that Adventure Specialists has now “passed the torch” to Mike and Cathy's Copper Canyon Trails. In addition to their own considerable experience as guides and canyon explorers, Mike and Cathy's veteran Mexican and Tarahumara trail crew is without equal in the Sierra Madre. Jeronimo and Jilo Mancinas were young boys when they first worked on Adventure Specialists trips beside their fathers. In addition to being great companions, their first-hand knowledge of local customs, language and trail lore adds a wonderful richness to every trip.

Mexico's Copper Canyon remains one of the continent's “last great places”. If you are ready for an adventure that goes well beyond the ordinary, with experienced and trustworthy guides, I suggest that you contact Mike and Cathy at Copper Canyon Trails.

Burro-Assisted Treks in Northern Mexico

Copper Canyon Trails schedule

Rustic hotels and rugged terrain make this 10-day tour challenging and rewarding. Sierra Madre burros will carry our gear for the 5 nights we'll be camping, as we descend over a vertical mile into the barranca Urique.

When we arrive at our campsites, the crew will have already erected our tents. Our Mexican cook Teresa serves fresh handmade corn tortillas make on the campfire every day.

Occassionaly we will have the rare opportunity to interact with the Tarahumaran, perhaps aquiring some of their handcrafts, or taking a few photographs, if they are willing.


Cathy & Mike

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