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Review by Carl Franz

Staying Healthy In Asia, Africa, and Latin America by Dirk G. Schroeder, ScD, MPH. Volunteers In Asia and Moon Publications, (800) 345-5473, ISBN 1566911338

To paraphrase one of my father's favorite wisecracks, "I have a degree in travel medicine from the School Of Hard Knocks." As any traveller soon learns, staying healthy is a major topic of concern (and conversation) while on the road. Strange foods and unexpected insects, sunburn, heat, stomach-twisting diarrhea, tequila hangovers -- these relatively ordinary afflictions can turn from uncomfortable to nearly unbearable when you're a long way from home. Unfortunately, practical, accurate advice on these and even more serious medical problems can be difficult to find, especially in Coatzacoalcos or Cay Caulker.

Don't despair: an excellent new book, Staying Healthy In Asia, Africa, and Latin America, addresses a wide range of health precautions and remedies in a direct, no-nonsense manner. Co-published by Volunteers In Asia, this compact 185-page book bases its information on actual traveller's experiences, including considerable input from David Werner, author of Where There Is No Doctor, a landmark self-help medical guide (also well worth having but rather hefty for hand-luggage travel).

Chapters on Diagnosis and Treatment Of Illness, Common Health Problems and Infections And Diseases are especially valuable. (Pay close attention to Schroeder's advice on malaria and his warnings about Third World antibiotics.)

Experience has convinced me that even the best precautions and good luck aren't always enough. I'm giving Staying Healthy In Asia, Africa, and Latin America my highest recommendation by taking the book to India this winter -- even though I may pare down its already moderate size with a razor blade.

From The People's Guide Travel Letter # 3

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