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State & City Maps of Mexico

by Carl Franz

Mexico State maps

Scale 1: 800,000 by Guia Roji. Single sheet maps of Mexico's 31 states, in Spanish. The same maps are used in a reduced size in the Gran Atlas de Carreteras described earlier. For exploring and backroad touring, I prefer Guia Roji's Mexico Tourist Road Atlas, "Generation 2000" (either the

Guia Roji sample, city map of Guadalajara
Spanish or English version), in combination with a single-sheet road map of the entire country. The individual state maps are good, but offer no great advantage in terms of detail or readability.

City maps:

Planos de Ciudades by Guia Roji. Currently, only eight of Mexico's cities are included. The Guadalajara Tourist Map is a single sheet, in English, printed on both sides. Several views of the city are presented in various levels of detail. Guadalajara's streets are being changed faster than this map, but I like its readability and simplified views of major arterials.

City map guides

Guias de Ciudades by Guia Roji. This city map series is presented in book format (Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Puebla). This is the kind of detail Guia Roji is famous for -- street by street and alley by alley. Unless you're delivering pizza, however, I can't imagine why you'd need one of these guides.

Once you get to Mexico, look for road atlases and maps in larger bookstores, sidewalk newsstands and magazine kiosks. Prices are good but the selection tends to be unpredictable. Don't expect to find maps of the entire country in local tourist offices or travel agencies. You will also find regional and city maps from smaller publishers. Look the map over carefully before you buy -- some are just cheaply printed “knockoffs” of Guia Roji, or seriously outdated.


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