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Road Maps of Mexico:
Single Sheet

by Carl Franz

Over the years I've collected a large box of various single-sheet maps of Mexico. Those we actually recommend most and use ourselves, however, come f
International Travel Map
rom three publishers:

• Traveller's Reference Map of Mexico: the "ITM" (International Travel Map) series includes single sheet maps of Mexico and its principal regions (Baja, Northwestern, Southern Mexico and the Yucatan). They also publish a street map of Mexico City, plus great maps of Guatemala and El Salvador, Belize, and Honduras.

ITM maps not only have great eye appeal, but their crisp definition and sharp lettering makes these maps readable in low-light hotel rooms and bouncing buses. Multicolored topographical features include easily distinguishable mountain ranges and major river drainages. Unlike maps that end abruptly at borders, ITM maps include important portions of adjoining countries. (The reverse is blank; use it for note taking.) By the way, I scanned the sample shown here on the right. It really doesn't do justice to the quality of these maps.

• Mexico Tourist Map, Generation 2000: by Guia Roji. This single sheet has maps on both sides. The front includes a very good, highly detailed enlargement of central Mexico. The map's reverse side offers 14 compact city maps.

Mexico & Central America: available to AAA members only (American Automobile Association). I'm no great fan of AAA's Mexico travel guide but thanks to Lorena's mother, we've used their single-sheet Mexico road map on more trips than I can remember. It isn't highly detailed, but for quick reference and compact size this map is hard to beat. Includes major highways in all of Central America.

Our recommendation: No clear winner, get all three.

Having said that, if you love maps for their own sake, and will buy just one, I suggest ITM's Reference Map. This map is not only "suitable for framing", but has excellent highway detail and readability. The double-sided Guia Roji map gets my vote for content and detail, but the text for smaller place names is uncomfortably small. (Nonetheless, I highly recommend this map, too.) The AAA road map is simple, readable, and slightly smaller than the others. If you're a AAA member or can beg a free copy from a relative, go for it.

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