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Mexico Maps & Map Dealers

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by Carl Franz

Map Dealers & Sources

•Map Dealers & Sources: Buy at least one good Mexican road map or atlas before you leave home. You’ll pay more than you would in Mexico, of course, but the convenience is well worth the extra cost.... Article and map reviews by Carl Franz

Road Maps & Driving Atlases
ITM Map of Mexico

Three Handy Mexico Road Atlases for 2008: Guia Roji*, the household word for map in Mexico, just published this new bilingual road atlas with travel information in English (and Spanish) for 60 places and towns. In only 100 pages, it packs in 14 city plans.... (more) Reviews by Tara Shadowen

•Road Maps & Driving Atlases: Opening a fresh road map and spreading it out on the kitchen table are among the many pleasures of planning a trip to Mexico. So many highways, trails and tempting side roads... yet so little time.... Article and map reviews by Carl Franz.

Road Maps of Mexico: Single Sheet

•Road Maps of Mexico: Single Sheet: Over the years I've collected a large box of various single-sheet maps of Mexico. Those we actually recommend most and use ourselves, however, come from three publishers: One, Traveller's Reference Map of Mexico (ITM), includes single sheet maps of Mexico and its principal regions. They also publish great maps of Guatemala and El Salvador, Belize, and Honduras.... Article and map reviews by Carl Franz

State & City Maps

•State & City Maps: For exploring and backroad touring, I prefer Guia Roji's Mexico Tourist Road Atlas, "Generation 2000" (either the Spanish or English version), in combination with a single-sheet road map of the entire country. The individual state maps are good, but offer no great advantage in terms of detail or readability.... Article and map reviews by Carl Franz

Topo Maps

•Mexican Topo Maps: Topographic maps are valuable for any outdoor recreation activities -- hiking, biking, four wheeling, motorcycling, or back road adventures. This is especially true in Mexico's Copper Canyon ... (more) by Laura Ericson

•Digital Raster Graphic topo maps: CD sets are available with full Mexico coverage at a scale of 1:250,000 in DRG format... (more) by Mark Walker

Mexico GPS Maps

•2008 A Great Year for Mexico GPS: You might ask: why do I need a GPS receiver? Well, if you have to go into Guadalajara for a doctor's appointment, it will make the trip less stressful and faster to have a device that speaks the names of the streets and instructs you in advance where to turn....

At the beginning of this year Garmin released the City Navigator Mexico NT 2008.... (more) by Mark Walker (5-08)

•GPS Receivers for Mexico: Any Garmin receiver will work in Mexico as long as it has the ability to load extra maps. Most users are choosing a Nuvi of some kind since they are the newest models.... (more) by Mark Walker. (5-08)

•Copper Canyon Map

Topos and other maps for the Copper Canyon (1:50,000) are sold at the Tarahumara Mission Store near the train station in Creel. (This is also the best source of books, postcards and Tarahumara crafts. Profits benefit the Tarahumara health clinic.)

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