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I finally walked into my boss and said i need a two month leave. i am heading down to San Miguel to take spanish and art and have no place to stay as yet. i hear you can rent a room for about 250 a month or so. anyway, any ideas?

also, i was thinking i really really need to mellow out and maybe i'd find a yoga retreat somewhere down there but i haven't located one as yet. any ideas on that?

i want to e-mail people at the cyber cafe kind of places, do i do that by getting AOL? or something?

from Leslee Todman

Lorena responds:

I'd suggest you consult one of the popular guide books to Mexico, such as Moon Publications, for a list of the less expensive hotels in San Miguel. There is also a youth hostel in town, but I don't have the address. Get a room for a night or two and start checking around. Look for rental ads on the bulletin boards at various places in town, such as supermarkets and mini-malls. Ask gringos in the plaza. Check at the cyber cafes and language schools and library. You should be able to find something.

Our friend Barbara Luboff is a fabulous yoga teacher and does week-long yoga retreats several times a year on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

The best way we found to get email on the road is with a free web-based email account. Try Mexico Connect.

San Miguel de Allende has several cybercafes. There‘s a nice one across the street from the park in front of the San Francisco church that Carl and I visited when we were last in SMA. For a long list cyber cafes throughout Mexico .....

The easiest way to make phone calls while in Mexico is with a Ladatel calling card. Ladatel phones are everywhere in Mexico these days.

If you decide to live in Mexico for a while and your house has a telephone, by far the cheapest way to call home is with one of the Call Back Services.

Good luck and please let us know how things work out. It's always great to have more information to pass on to people.

¡Que le vaya bien!

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