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The People's Guide To Mexico

Staying in

Visiting San Miguel de Allende

I finally walked into my boss and said i need a two month leave. i am heading down to San Miguel to take spanish and art and have no place to stay as yet....also, i was thinking i really really need to mellow out and maybe i'd find a yoga retreat somewhere down ....i want to e-mail people at the cyber cafe kind of places.... (more)

Calling Home

Calling Cards

For those of you who traveled in Mexico in the Good Old Days, you'll have memories (nightmares) of waiting for hours in "Larga Distancia" when you wanted to call farther than across town. Or perhaps you remember trying to locate a local pay phone that worked, and, last but not least, one of the nearly obsolete coins that they'd accept.

Call Back Services

Once you've found a house in Mexico (with a telephone) you'll want to call back to the States or Canada to keep in touch with family and friends, or for business. However, international long distance calls are still quite expensive from Mexico. Although you can work out deals with Telmex (the lowest we've heard of is $ .45 a minute), Call Back services offer better deals.

A Typical Polite Letter to Mexicans 

While traveling we often meet people we’d like to drop a line to once we return home. The problem is what to say and how to say it, especially if your Spanish is weak. It’s amazing what can be communicated with sign language, facial expressions and other signals, none of which are available when faced with a blank sheet of paper.... (more) From The People's Guide to Mexico

Cybercafes and Mom & Pop email services are opening up throughout Mexico and Central America. (more) by Carl Franz

If you don't have an email account that can be used while on the road, you can access the Travelers Message website.... (more) From The People's Guide to Mexico

Unless you can arrange your route and schedule very tightly, you'll eventually have to have mail forwarded from one post office to another. This can be done by filling out a small white change of address card in the post office (more) From The People's Guide to Mexico

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