Email while Traveling

Cyber Cafes &
Traveler's Email Services

by Carl Franz

•Cybercafes on Eco Travels
An index of Mexican and Latin American cybercafes.

•Travelers Message Service Bulletin Board
If you don't have an email account that can be used while on the road, you can access the Travelers Message website from any internet connected computer (such as a cybercafe). Post your message -- and look for messages that friends and family have posted there for you. Like any community bulletin board, this one is completely open to the public -- in other words, there's absolutely no privacy

Carl Franz at the San Carlos Cybercafe

•Cyber Cafes, Asociación Mexicana de

Cybercafes listed by state.

Cybercafe Search Engine
Worldwide cybercafe search engine.

•CompuServe México
CompuServe is a major internet access provider. Travelers with a CIS account have the advantage of many local access numbers in Mexico. This website also gives access to CompuServe's discussion forums on Mexico and travel, but Java is required.

Computer-equipped international travelers take note, a resources for laptops at "Support for laptop computer use worldwide." You can bet that I'll be checking back here before I take my Mac PowerBook on the road again.

Phone Calls in Mexico
San Carlos Bay

The People's Guide to Mexico
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