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Readers comment on
The People's Guide to Mexico


Dear Carl & Lorena,

I wrote a letter recommending The People's Guide to Mexico when Salon magazine's travel writer asked readers to nominate the century's best books of travel writing. My comments were included in the resulting article.

The article's author refers to my suggestion as "offbeat." Maybe he considered the Guide out of place next to books expressly offered as literature. The People's Guide to Mexico is definitely not A Year in Provence. Thank God.

Here's the URL, if you're interested:
Tom Sackett
Seattle, Washington


Dear Carl & Lorena

My wife and I went to Ixtapa for a week last summer and are returning to Zihuatanejo Jan 16th for another week. We are looking to increase our travel to Mexico each year until we spend 3 months each winter and then possibly retire there. Each time, we expect to expand our travels away from the tourist locales until we can find the "Away from it all places". We generally are looking for Pacific Coast areas, but are open to searching inland. This will require me learning more Spanish and digging deeper into the country. In search of information we were referred to your book.

I have just read it and I must say. Is there anything you haven't seen or done in Mexico? Reading it was like being thrown into an adventure movie. It is definitely a book that's hard to put down. I've never read a guide book that was also a novel. I felt as if I was traveling with you and experiencing the same trials and tribulations of travel. The book is packed with so much information on seemingly every subject one might encounter while traveling.

I love to tell people about Mexico. There are allot of misconceptions about Mexico. When I go on and on about the wonderful time I've had, they find it had to believe. When I ask why, I find they were in a border town like Juarez and think the rest of the country is the same.

Consider yourselves lucky to have been able to do all that you have done. And thank you for telling us about it.

Muchos saludos, ( I know, I copied it from the typical polite letter in your book)

Marty Miller
Fountain, Colorado
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