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Past Notebooks

Carl's Notebook # 7

Are you feeling a little nervous about Mexico? Don't be embarassed; even the most experienced travellers experience an occasional bout of pre-trip "butterflies". Read on and rest easy.....
Carl is away for a couple of days...
3 December 1999
Lake Chapala
Jalisco, Mexico


By popular demand, I will not open this notebook with a recap of last week’s weather. It seems that my repetitious reports from Mexico of balmy temperatures and clear, sunny skies are causing spasms of grief up north, where the late autumn weather is... Well, why say more; we’ve all been there and done that, right?

Let’s talk instead about prices. Lorena and I finally gave in and
went shopping in Guadalajara.... Here are a few prices....

80 Million Monarchs Visit Mexico

Excuse the alliteration, but opportunites like this don’t appear that often: beginning this month, many millions of monarch butterflies migrate to the mountains of Michoacán, Mexico. This year, the butterflies that survive the 3,000 mile flight will find a newly constructed parking area inside the forest reserve known as the “Thematic Butterfly Park”. In addition to vehicle parking, there is a playground, restrooms and “zones for the disabled”, the mirador will allow visitors to admire the butterflies without leaving their cars and tour buses.

Thanks largely to La Red (the Web), Mexico is no longer the tierra incognita it used to be. ...The University of Texas has one of the best "link" sites I've come across for Mexico....Did You Feel Anything? A site with earthquake reports...

Letters from People's Guide Readers

A funny menu misprint that my friend and I found on a menu in a cafe in Tuxtla Gutierrez last winter: under the many breakfast choices (which included cereals commonly found in the USA) was "brain flakes"....

I am 70 and a Mexiphile of the 2ndwater and my 91 year old mother is a Mexiphile of the 1st water after travelling there since the 40s....

I am writing through my tears.... and so didn't know about Steve. I am so very very sorry. He and you and Lorena have been part of my life since I first discovered your books...I air raced for years to and from Mexico and learned to love all the little towns we landed in, and of course the people. Everyone was so friendly, they all wanted to know how we liked their town, and asked us to please come back....

i did not have your/my peoples guide yet but still had a fantastic experience and of course was hooked. then i was turned-on to your book and it was like i had traveled blindfolded....

I'm trying to find a large map of Mexico to download for a project I'm doing....

You can call Mexico from California (and all of the US?) for only .20 a minute...

What Does It Really Co$t?

As we continue research for our book on living, working and retiring in Mexico, the cost-of-living questions rears its head... time and time again. Can I really live like a bachelor king on $500 a month? How about $900? Is $2,000 okay for a family? Did I hear somebody say $4,000? Help!...


It is bittersweet but unavoidable that Steve’s memory hails me from every corner. Lorena was just reviewing our computer files and came across this electronic note he’d sent last year.
It is “pure Steve” -- in trouble again, and enjoying it to the max!

Be honest, doesn’t the thought of going to Mexico raise a few nervous butterflies in your stomach? Rather than worry, follow the practical advice and commonsense tips we and many others have gathered over the years. Learn to travel with a relaxed mind in Mexico, People’s Guide style: “safe & easy”! Mexico: Safe or Sorry? An excerpt from the 25th Anniversary Edition of The People’s Guide To Mexico

We’ve waffled back and forth for months about creating our own discussion forums or interactive bulletin board on this website...Our final decision is a compromise, thankfully offered by David McLaughlin, publisher of Mexico Connect. Henceforth, the People’s Guide discussion will take place on's forum.

Family Fun, Double or Nothing?

According to a report in the 20 November issue of Guadalajara’s expatriate weekly, The Colony Reporter, Mexico is about to legalize gambling casinos. Federal legislator Mario Haro is quoted as saying, “ is an opportunity to extend family entertainment by means of a dignified and respectable industry that should be strictly monitored by a respectable, honest and efficient authority.”

Behind The Scenes:

As part of a long-term plan to expand our content, including excerpts from The People’s Guide To Mexico and other books, Lorena has been tweaking the inner workings of The People’s Guide website. You should already notice snappier loading times for our home page and larger images. The (huge) Copper Canyon photo gallery has also been broken into several individual pages, with optimized images for faster viewing. Lorena also has plans for a detailed site index, an online suggestion box, and much more.

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