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From Carl's Notebook
# 7

Mexico Links: “Best of the Web”

Thanks largely to La Red (the Web), Mexico is no longer the tierra incognita it used to be. On the other hand, sorting the best websites and online resources from the chaff can be a frustrating, time-consuming task. For example, enter the term “Mexico” in the average search engine, and you’ll have to sort through at least 234,876 “hits”, some offering real estate in the state of “New Mexico”.

To help you narrow your search down, I included some of my favorite web sites in the 11th edition of The People’s Guide To Mexico (see the chapter For More Info). Keeping up with new and changed websites is a major task, however, so I’ll post my updates and new discoveries here on a regular basis. Your suggestions are also appreciated -- don’t be shy; if your own website, or one of your personal favorites isn’t mentioned, let us know.

One of my favorite web references is published by the University of Texas. I reviewed their site in the People’s Guide, but as this recent message on Mexico Connect’s General Forum suggests, it’s well worth a reminder.

Posted by Bill on November 17, 1999:
“The University of Texas has one of the best "link" sites I've come across for Mexico. It links many subjects/sources, such as: Mexican Telephone Yellow Pages; Mexican Zip Codes; a copy of the Mexican Consitution of 1917, in English; etc. Some travel and tourism links are also provided. This may be helpful to some of you.”

Did You Feel Anything?
Servicio Sismologico Nacional, Instituto De Geofisica, Unam

It’s entirely in Spanish, but if you’re interested in earthquakes, check it out. I’ve translated their main index below. With a dictionary at hand, you should be able to quickly get an idea of what’s happening. If nothing else, you can check the bottom of the home page to learn the location, time and severity of Mexico’s most recent quake. I’ve included a recent one....

  Ultimos Sismos: Recent Earthquakes
  Reporte Semanal: Weekly Report
  Acerca del SSN: About (this organization, site)
  Acerca de Sismos:   About Earthquakes
  Notas Informativas: Informative Notes
  ¿Sintió un temblor?: Did you feel an earthquake?
 SismoTel: Earthquake “Phone Line”
An example of a recent earthquake report is on the bottom line:
Date------Time------ Latitude/Longitude----Depth------Magnitude--------Epicenter Location

99/11/15 08:33:59 Lat: 16.23 Lon: -98.12 Prof: 7 km Mag: 3.7 Epicentro: COSTA GUERRERO-OAXACA   


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