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I read your article on buying medications in México and found it to be very accurate in its guidelines.

One thing that is a common occurance is the difficulty in getting information on medications. We are Farmacias Internacional, a 13 store chain in Tijuana and have been in business for well over 45 years. Aside from being one of the biggest, if not the biggest in terms of sales, we offer our customers prices consistent with our strong purchasing power.

If you would like to post our webpage on your page, your readers might find it useful. Our webpage is and they can email us at They will see how easy buying medications can be through us.

The website is still under construction but will feature maps to our locations and well as a database containing our products, equivalance to the U.S. medication and very importantly, prices. For now, they can get the answers emailing us.

Carlos Cortez
Farmacias Internacional
Tijuana, B.C.

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