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Aconchi Hot Springs Revisited

.... The springs are there and the water is great. The unfortunate thing is it was overcrowded and trash was everywhere. We were there on January 3 so the holiday could be a factor....We cannot recommend the drive there enough though.... (more), Buck

Do I Really Need a Prescription?

It seems that there are conflicting statements in the following from your website....

El Codo clarifies ... Let's go over the issue of written prescriptions one more time.... Remember, Mexican justice treats large amounts of unlawfully possessed class II and III medicines as harshly as they do Class I drugs like heroin, hashish, and speed.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

Buying Controlled Medicines With A US Prescription

First of all the US prescription is invalid in Mexico, so flashing it in a farmacia or at a snooping policeman is next to worthless.

A US prescription has two purposes, the first is to convince the Mexican doctors that your personal physician believes that the medicine is justified.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

My Medicines Weren't Allowed Into The U.S.

When we came back to the border the Customs Officials detained me, told us we could NOT take ANY controlled substance into US unless we also had a US prescription.... (more) Answered by David "El Codo" Eidell

¿What If They Won't Let Your Prescription Medicine Across the Border?
Uneven U.S. Customs Enforcement Policy Towards Controlled Medicines: Updated December 2002

Let's say that you've followed all of the recommendations regarding being legal and declaring your medicines to U.S. Customs. Upon your declaration, the Customs Agent responds with "Sorry you cannot bring that medicine into the United States" (or any number of other negative replies)..... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

Mazatlan: Retirement, Medical & Dental Care

Health services are great in Mazatlan. We have the Sharps Hospital that most of the Gringos are crazy about and we also have a General Hospital of excellent quality, plus all the related stuff... Dentists?... have we got dental care here? I'll tell ya how good the care is -- my dentist was so concerned about me that she now gives me free dental care for life! Of course I had to marry her to qualify for that plan.... (more) by Arthur Jones

Save Your Medicine Receipts

US Customs announced that medicines from a Baja California chain of pharmacies will be confiscated at the border. Starting today, medicines purchased from farmacias VIDA SUPREMA, a Tijuana based chain of twenty pharmacies are "medicinas non gratis" into the United States.... The US Attorney General says that the pharmacy is somehow linked to the infamous Arellano Felix drug cartel and the ban is one way the United States plans to combat profits and money laundering.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

Frequently Asked Questions: Buying Prescription Medicines in Mexico

•The People’s Guide has the last word on drugs in Mexico, right?
Can I buy controlled drugs over-the-counter in Mexico?
How do I know if a medicine is available in Mexico?
Who’s telling the truth here? What’s the real scoop?
Five Very Important Points about buying Mexican medications!
PLUS Many More FAQ

El Codo Tests "Crocodile" Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Sure enough... just at sundown, precisely when the breeze died, no-see-ums started chewing on my ankles. I wiped some Crocodile up to my knees and.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

From Robert & Deborah Foster

Mexican national health insurance through IMSS (the Social Security system here) can be purchased by foreign residents. Runs around $300 or so per person per year. We don't bother. We're in good health, and prefer to pay out of pocket for private care if the need arises. Even private care is so affordable that just paying as you go is a viable option, depending upon your risk tolerance and the depth of your resources.

A Pharmacy in Tijuana

I read your article on buying medications in México and found it to be very accurate in its guidelines.

One thing that is a common occurance is the difficulty in getting information on medications. We are Farmacias Internacional, a 13 store chain in Tijuana and have been in business for well over 45 years.... (more)

Yoga in Mexico

As a travel writer and 55 year-old wilderness guide, I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t continue to do good work without improving my body’s flexibility. Thanks to the recommendations of several chiropractors -- and inspired by the pain of paying their bills -- I finally began to practice yoga with Barbara Luboff.... (more) by Carl Franz

What about medical insurance?

Like sex, health insurance is a personal thing. It all depends upon the condition of your health, your age, your bank account and your risk level.

AIDs in Mexico

The spread of SIDA (AIDS) and sexually transmitted diseases in Latin America is a problem of terrible dimensions. I seriously considered dropping the chapter on Brothels from the latest edition of People's Guide, then decided it was better to include a warning on AIDS -- rather than pretend the subjects of sex and prostitution don't exist in Mexico....(more)

Calling a Pharmacy for Price

If you wish, you can use the telephone numbers listed below (Farmacia El Fenix in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico) in order to inquire about price and availability of prescription drugs in Mexico. By David “El Codo” Eidell

Purchasing Prescription Drugs In Mexico: part I

Thousands of Americans cross the border every year in order to save a great deal of money buying prescription drugs. This is a major industry, and total sales to foreigners exceeds two hundred million dollars annually. by David Eidell

Purchasing Prescription Drugs in Mexico: Part II

Medicines cannot be mailed or shipped from Mexico to the United States.... by David Eidell

Staying Healthy in Mexico 

First of all, let me assure you that you don’t have to get sick in Mexico! Thanks to our self-sacrificing research and painful experience with scorpion stings, severe sunburn, sprains and stomach-wrenching diarrhea, we know what it takes to stay healthy. Excerpted from The People's Guide to Mexico

Staying Healthy In Asia, Africa, and Latin America

To paraphrase one of my father's favorite wisecracks, "I have a degree in travel medicine from the School Of Hard Knocks." As any traveller soon learns, staying healthy is a major topic of concern (and conversation) while on the road. Strange foods and unexpected insects, sunburn, heat, stomach-twisting diarrhea, tequila hangovers -- these relatively ordinary afflictions can turn from uncomfortable to nearly unbearable when you're a long way from home. Unfortunately, practical, accurate advice on these and even more serious medical problems can be difficult to find, especially in Coatzacoalcos or Cay Caulker. Review by Carl Franz

No-See-Um Protection?

"As our token sceptic, David immediately challenged Lorena with, “Pennyroyal oil versus no-see-ums? You gotta be nuts! Right?” He later modified this statement, however, and offered to give Lorena’s concoction a try on his next trip to San Blas, a small beach town long rumored to be the no-see-um capital of Mexico....." by David Eidell

Buying Medicine in Mexico
Bug Protection In Mexico
Health Insurance in Mexico

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