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Stan Gotlieb

Stan Gotlieb's Oaxaca Essays & Online Newsletter: www.realoaxaca.com

Stan Gotlieb is accurately described as an irreverent, itinerant, ne'er-do-well gringo malcontent who discovered home, patience and a positive attitude while sitting in the sidewalk cafés of Oaxaca. His website includes a sample of his pithy online newsletter (available by subscription only) and his Letters From Oaxaca Mexico, a mixed bag of advice, humor, politics, culture and history.

Stan’s writing is highly personal. Covering topics from the Zapatista uprising to the current status of Mexican bathrooms, his commentaries are meant to remind old visitors of what they might otherwise forget, and to captivate and mobilize the new reader to come and find out for her or himself. Stan offers a good list of links, along with an excellent selection of books and music. Featured throughout are beautiful photos by his partner, Diana Ricci. The photo above is Stan and Diana enjoying a break in one of the sidewalk cafés alongside the Zócalo before the occupations.

Articles by Stan Gotlieb

Oaxaca: Safe? Nov 29, 06

The problem with writing in the "now" is that it so quickly becomes "then". The situation in Oaxaca has become much more uncomfortable in recent days. Most of our "snowbird" friends have canceled their visits for this year. Sad as it is for me to say so, at this time (November 29) I can no longer urge anyone to come here. Stan

•Oaxaca for Christmas? Is it Safe?

Today (November 3, 06), there are few tourists in the city of Oaxaca. They have been scared away by the massive propaganda put out by the main-stream press: anxiety, disaster, and fear sell newspapers and encourage viewers to buy mouthwash.

The actual story is somewhat different. Yes, there are federal troops, pro-government hit squads, and confrontations at various points around the city. Yes, the buses have stopped running, temporarily. Yes, people are getting killed, injured, arrested, disappeared and tortured. But no tourists have been involved... (more) by Stan Gotlieb, editor Oaxaca Essays & Online Newsletter

We've Been To The Beach: Puerto Escondido

Carl's note: Stan and Diane live in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Not ones to pass up a free ride, we hooked up with Dan for a shakedown cruise, Guatemala planning session, and general warm-up, by heading south. We took our guidebooks, old Geographics, net site printouts and scraps of paper containing notes from friends.

On Sunday, we drove to Puerto Angel where we stayed for two nights at the Angel del Mar, a "modern" hotel on a hilltop above Playa Panteon.... (more) by Stan Gotlieb


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