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 Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico

by “Mexico Mike” Nelson

An excerpt

Punta Serena
Tenacatita, Jalisco

The owners of this fine property do not call it a spa. It is a very special place that offers many spa services, but no spa program or beauty treatments, except for facials. They are the only holistic retreat in Mexico that has a resident shaman.

A unique feature here is that, if you desire to get away, there is an all-inclusive resort just down the hill. Both properties are owned by Blue Bay Resorts. Their sister resort has a disco, real cabarets, water sports, scuba diving, golf nearby and a buffet that will satisfy all tastes. Children, who are not allowed at Punta Serena, are welcome down below.

If you are looking for somewhere to go that combines luxurious accommodations, an awe-inspiring natural setting and a truly holistic atmosphere, you can do no better than to choose Punta Serena. But be warned; it could change your life.

A friend of mine who said she, “was not much into New Age stuff,” left there after a week and is now seriously into mediation and Yoga. She also promotes holistic retreats. I, being too worldly to be saved, had a meditation experience here that should have changed my life.

The meditation room is on a hill overlooking the blue Pacific. The entire front wall overlooking the ocean is glass. During a guided meditation, I flew over the ocean and swooped down to play with the dolphins that in reality live nearby. I dove in and swam with the gentle creatures. Then I became a dolphin. Accepted by my fellow dolphins, I swam with them and exchanged thoughts with them. I felt like a child in the presence of wise grandparents. They had so much to teach me that I would have stayed forever. Unfortunately, I was called back to earth.

Maybe next time.

Later that day, I opened up and shared my soul with my traveling companion. It was apparently the first time I had done that in the year or so we had known each other. She said that it was the first time she actually got to meet the person who wrote such beautiful books (her words, not mine). The soul that creates inside all of us is so often trapped in a body that is more like a sepulcher. Like a mummy risen from a dark sleep, I began to shed layer after layer of my burial cloth. When it was done, I was naked and free, perhaps for the first time in my adult life.

“You really are a nice person, underneath all that bravado, you know,” she said.

“Nobody ever said that to me before.”

“Maybe you never let them see you.”

The sun set on the ocean and our veranda was bathed in the afterglow. I had never seen anyone so beautiful or so pure. And for once, I didn’t feel dirty. We passed the night holding each other, not speaking words, but we spoke the sweet speech of lovers. If I live to be a hundred, I will never have an experience so wonderful. For that brief time, I knew what love was.

In the morning I climbed into my four-wheel drive truck and lit a cigar.

“Uh, about last night,” I stammered.

“I know. I won’t tell anyone.”

And on down the road we roared.

Spa Services

Recent comments from Mexico Mike: Caveat -- spas information is out-of-date, so don't buy it for that. There are about 40 hot springs listed. What really makes it timeless is the literary stories about the hot springs and spas. They are humorous, heartwarming and a couple are romantic. You won't be disappointed.

This is a much literary non-fiction as a collection of hot springs. There are stories here too.
Hot springs information still accurate as to water temp, chemical content, and all the important stuff. Phone numbers no good at all, but who calls a hot spring? Somewhat accurate as far as driving directions (some landmarks will have changed. Distances will not).

“Mexico” Mike Nelson is the author of" Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico" and "Live Better South of the Border". To contact Mexico Mike: <>

Spas & Hot Springs Of Mexico

Live Better South of the Border

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