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¡Viva Zapata! Using one of my favorite portraits of Emiliano Zapata, this icon is created using colored paper, various miniatures and artificial flowers. Measures @ 5" x & 7". $18.00
Subcommandante Marcos, hero of the modern Mexican revolution,is framed in textured paper and surrounded by metal milagros symbolic of the struggle of the Mayan Indians of Chiapase -- the simple harvests of their corn and animal husbandry- and the land on which to grow them. Measures @ 6' x 10". $26.00
Portrait of Frieda Kahlo is framed with ceramic beads and figures as well as straw miniatures and bone skull. Measures @ 6" x 10". $22.00
Gloria de Mexico: A wonderful market scene is framed with flowered oilcloth and copper tape, and adorned with an assortment of miniatures of Mexican kitchenware. This icon measures @ 8" x 8". $30.00
Dia de los Muertos figures are among my favoirte Mexicana to work with and are among the most popular. Let me make you one! In order to have one ready for the Day of the Dead, place an order by May 1st. Ordering Information
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