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Miracle of the Roses: The classic depiction of Juan Diego and the Virgin of Guadalupe, mounted on varnished wood, is enhanced with a border of glitter and silver decorative yardage. Measures
@ 5" x 7". $14.00
Mary with Cherubs: Measuring about 5' x 7", this simple icon of the Virgin is decorated with gold paint and four metal "milagros." $14.00
Guadalupe: This miniature Madonna, framed in traditional Mexican tinware, is adorned with artificial flowers and miniature gold-painted dove. Measures @ 3" x 4". $14.00
Earth Mother: This ancient goddess figurine is framed in a Oaxaca necklace of clay birds and beads. Measures @ 5" x 7". $16.00
Venus Reclining: This eccentric portrait of Venus reclining is adorned with a painted miniature pottery owl, metallic/glass moon, traditional Mexican "calavera" figurine and decorative silver yardage. Measures @ 5" x 6". $22.00
The realm of the sacred is unbounded. I have many more images available to work with, as well as other finished icons. I never duplicate a piece exactly. Ordering Information
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