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How many Americans live in Mexico? Another Perspective from Linda Fox

I thought your article about the number of US folks living in Mexico was pretty good, but also thought it needed more clarification. I've lived off and on in Zihuatanejo for 30 years. We have our full time US residents that have their migration cards and we have our half-time (usually Canadian) who live in Zihuat about 6 months a year and ..... (more)

Where to live and work in Mexico?

I hope you can spare the time to help us. My husband and I are wanting to move to Mexico or South America. We speak limited Spanish. Are there jobs available?.... (more)

•Renting In PV for a Month?

We are planning a trip to PV area for about a month this winter and would appreciate any helpful tips you could give us as far as rental properties in the area. We have always stayed in the Manzanillo area and have steered away from PV because of the big city atmosphere, but your website has sparked an interest.... (more)

•Where should I retire?

Can you tell me the names of other places in Mexico where there are foreigners, not necessarily so many as SMA or Chapala, that I could investigate. Ajijic looks wonderful on paper, but the numbers of foreigners is daunting.

•Living & Working in Puerto Vallarta Part II?

While considering a relocation move to Mexico many questions arise. First, being Money! How much will we need to live nicely (not extravagant) in a quiet neighbor in Mexico? In the beginning we would like to rent. I have always worked and mostly enjoyed my career. Don't know if I am ready to fully retire yet. Will we be able to work if we want or need too?.... (more) Questions from Lisa & Rick, Answered by Robert & Deborah Foster

We want to move to Puerto Vallarta Part I

We fell in love w/ PV the first time we vacationed there. Any hints on how to get started & where to find a rental on a month to month basis for 3 month to 1 year would be welcomed. Since we cannot generate an income in Mexico, we will need to stay on a budget. Is renting for $600 to $800 reasonable..... (more) from Lisa & Rick

More on Living in Puerto Vallarta?

Is there likely to be a Part IV + to Budget Living In PV? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these articles and hope you can persuade Robert and Deborah Foster to write more for the Peoples' Guide site. Thanks, Joseph Keller

Lorena's Note: I'm happy to tell you that Robert agreed to your suggestion. We've already added his next article Buying Restricted-Zone (Coastal and border zone) property.

Retirement Home in Puerto Vallarta

I have been reading your news letter and find it most interesting. I have lived in Puerto Vallarta 11 years and want to move into a retirement home. But since there aren't any here, I am developing one myself. I am attaching a recent press release and you can log on to my website at This will be the first project of this type in Mexico.... (more) from Suzanne Elmore

Homeowners Insurance

After several years of consideration and looking at Mexico we have decided to buy a condo. Does Mexico offer homeowners insurance or do people take their chances? Another question is, this will be held through a bank trust as it is privatized but after the 50 year bank trust is up does it roll over as easily as people say it does, and will this (without a huge fee) roll over to my children?.... (more) from Patti Morgan

Retiring in Mexico or Honduras

I retired last July and hoped to be living in Mexico by now, but my home has not sold. Anyway, I purchased your book a few weeks ago and your suggested trips to the different regions in Mexico has excited me. I am also very interested in Honduras as a place to live, but my wife is afraid and uncertain. Thank you for a wonderful book. We will be driving to Mazatlan the end of February to visit some friends who live there. Your comments about driving in Mexico will be helpful.... (more) from Tom Ferron

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