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Red Tape


Red Tape

Taking my dog to Mexico?

I would like to drive to Mexico via Tijuana by myself with my beloved Rottweiler dog in a VW camper. I want to make sure I have no problem bringing the dog back to the US. What is required on shots etc.? Would appreciate your help. (more)

What ID do I need?

If I fly to Cancun, is a tourist card with a birth certificate and driver's license adequate as before, or do I now need a passport also? .... (more)

Cost for Tourist Card to Visit Baja & Mexico?

Hi, I heard that it cost $15.00 a person to drive across into Mexico. This new tourist fee was started last year. What do you know about that?... (more)

•Entering Mexico: Single parents with children

My problem has to do with obtaining entry for my children into Mexico (preferably legal). I know I am supposed to have signed notarized permission from the children's father, but what do I do when that is impossible? .... (more) with a response by Jenerfer Rose

Needing a Certificate of Moral Solvency

We recently returned from a trip to Mexico and found your book both helpful and entertaining. We plan to return for good the first of August. We have finally had enough of the stress, monotony, intolerance, insanity and political tomfoolery in amerika, and have decided that it is time to do something about it.

I have a few questions that, hopefully, you can help me with. First is a problem that I face with attaining the various levels of immigration status. I have drug convictions in my background and have been asked for a certificate of moral solvency. The convictions themselves were for somewhat large sums of marijuana and appear far more serious than they, in fact, are.... (more) from Pat and Penny. response by jennifer rose

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