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¿Taking Pets on the Airlines to Mexico?

Published: December 2002

I came upon your site while searching the web and you sound like just the people I was looking for to give me some advice. I will be joining my husband in Bucerias in a few months (from NY), and we have three dogs (one, Sucia, who we found in Vallarta as a small puppy almost 2 years ago and brought home with us!) and three cats who need to be transported. I have grave fears about their safety.

Any recommendations that you have regarding airlines, or anything else that I should know, will be greatly appreciated. I am particularly concerned about how long they will remain crated upon landing, and if anyone will attempt to handle them upon their arrival. They are all rescued dogs and are very skittish around strangers, and I'm concerned that someone will hurt them out of fear.

Thank you for any help and reassurance you can offer.

Regards, Nadin

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