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Amicus: Mexico Rising

Environmental Changes in Mexico

The Summer 2000 issue of the Amicus Journal, now available at bookstores and online, focuses on environmental change in Mexico. (BTW, I contributed the article on ecotourism.) - Ron Mader

Amicus: Mexico Rising


Moment of Truth By Joel Simon Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo leaves with a lackluster environmental record—but he may have paved the way for change

David:1 Goliath:0 By Dick Russell The inside story of an environmental victory for the gray whales

Urban Desert By Barbara Kastelein Mexico City is facing a water supply crisis. What happens when the taps stop running in the largest city in Latin America?

More Fun, Less Guilt By Ron Mader Ecotourism in Mexico is slow getting off the ground. But the promise is there

Uphill Battle By Elisabeth Malkin Mexico has strong environmental laws. But the program to enforce those laws is only ten years old—and it shows

Last Stand of the Giants By Elisabeth Malkin There is only one major nesting ground left for loggerheads and green sea turtles between Costa Rica and Florida. And a hotel chain wants it

Prisoner of Conscience By Wendy Patterson Jailed for defending his forest, a farmer waits for justice

Flight of Kings By Homero Aridjis The monarch butterfly: memory and poetry.
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