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Received June 2001
Hola Hola Carl y Lorena!

Way back in the winter of 1995, before I even knew what windows were, (not long after Al Gore invented the internet), and pesos were not "nuevo" - I wrote to you an old fashioned letter, that was actually carried by post to you.

I told you the story of my mother bringing me and my siblings to Mexico as children, and of my return. .In this letter I wrote about some bungalows my wife and I had opened which had left us virtually without pesos and hungry for people to come stay with us.

You were so kind as to print this letter in your travel letter and had only asked I write back with more information about San Blas. Well, what a long strange trip its been..........

Now, many years later, I find that same letter on the internet right from the Quinta California, which now has an internet cafe - " San Blas en Linea"
Well, a little late - but here is that information you requested. This is our page of information, photos, stories and links we have only just begun. We hope it is of interest to you and your readers....

Despite all this technology we call "Technologia bajo las palmas de los cocos", and that our information super highway is cobbled due to the fact that we dial up to a dial up....................

People will be pleased to know that La Quinta California is still small, economical and personally run by myself and my wife Alma Rita. We are most proud of our courtyard, our pets and the fact that we now really do have plenty of hot water.

We thank you for all you have done for thousands of travelers and the people who host them.

Chris y Alma Rita

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