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Cuba, Article by Peter

Mexicana Airlines to Cuba, in English: <>

Havanatour: <> General infomation in both English and Spanish: Air schedules and fares, tours, car rentals, accomodations.

The Cuban Connection: Information and Reservation Centre: <> Map of Cuba, Tips for tourists, Advice for U.S. Citizens, Information on various Cuban Cities.

Global Exchange: <> Global Exchange does "reality tours" to Cuba. This page has travel info, including how to travel to Cuba 'Legally'.

Virtual Voyages: Cuba: <> Lots of practical travel information, extensive links and many articles incuding; "Bicycle Touring in Cuba and Two weeks of Music and Dance. Also TravNet! Bulletin Board and newsgroup: soc.culture.cuba

Book on Cuba

Moon Handbooks: Cuba by Christopher P. Baker

"The thought of Cuba conjures images and associations with Castro politics and contraband cigars, but a visit reveals more: vibrant hummingbirds, corral-colored flamingos, a profusion of insect life, and miles of sugarcane. The Cuba Handbook tells the oft-neglected details of Cuba's history, from slave trading to the U.S. embargo. But like the sidebar on Cuban cigars, the information is merely an aside, for this is a practical book: you'll find out how to gain entrance, where to stay, and what to eat, plus the scoop on all of the beaches, Hemingway memorials, and Revolution museums you could desire. There's sailing and golf, bird watching and scuba diving, and Cuban baseball. There's ballet, cabarets, and the ubiquitous beat of salsa throbbing in the night air. A vivid, engaging Cuba, peopled by Cubans justly renowned for their warmth, awaits. (Review from

Lonely Planet Cuba (Travel Guides) by David Stanley

Lonely Planet's website <> contains a wealth of articles and links for Cuba, including a Map. "Despite the best efforts of the power to its north, the sun still shines on Cuba. It's the Caribbean's largest and least commercialized island and one of the world's last bastions of communism. While all is not rosy in the garden of perpetual revolution (as the number of Cubans getting creative with inner tubes suggests), the island's political isolation has prevented it from being overrun by tourists and the locals are sincerely friendly to those that do venture in. Even blockade runners from the US get a warm welcome!" ..... many articles and links. (Lonely Planet's Destination Cuba)


The Reader's Companion to Cuba (1st Ed); Alan Ryan(Editor), Christa Malone (Editor)

Trading With the Enemy : A Yankee Travels Through Castro's Cuba; Tom Miller

Cuba Pocket Guide;

Cuba Traveler's Companion by Kirsten Ellis

Fodor's Cuba

Fodor's Exploring Cuba

Insight Guides Cuba

Moon Handbooks: Havana by Christopher P. Baker

Waiting for Fidel by Christopher Hunt

Ay, Cuba! : A Socio-Erotic Journey by Andrei Codrescu, David Graham (Photographer)
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