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Dorado Fever

Suddenly Armando yelled, "Dorado under the boat!" It was getting dark. My rod tip made a sudden hard left turn and the drag on my reel began to howl. I tightened the drag and felt the line go slack as water erupted fifty feet off the stern.... (more)

Strangers In The Night

We were awakened in our tent late one night by a strange sound.... Who could it be? And at this hour of the night, when all respectable and superstitious campesinos were safely barricaded inside their houses?... (more) by Carl Franz, an excerpt from The People's Guide To Backpacking, Boating & Camping In Mexico

•Unusual Treasures of the Sierra Madre: Vampire Guano


My hand started to quiver as I mused possible answers to insert in the space which asked the purpose of my visit on the Mexican Tourist Card:
a. Purchase an entire pickup load of fresh vampire bat guano.
b. Help a Humboldt County “rose” farmer obtain the best fertilizer in the world for his cash crop.
c. Earn several thousand dollars while visiting an obscure part of Mexico.... (another odd adventure) from David "El Codo" Eidell

Camping In The Peten Rainforest

...The ‘casa’, turned out to be a hundred and fifty square feet of rotting boards, crumbling adobe, rusting sheet metal and fermenting palm fronds. The parking space was an overgrown foot trail leading from the muddy road. By carefully backing the bus I nudged the pintle hook against the front of the ‘house’. And by backing Nellie Belle against the bus, it gave two or three inches of clearance between the front of her and the muddy trail that led to town. The neighborhood well produced clear water, but I subsequently boiled every drop vigorously or laced it with chlorine....Day two the ants appeared.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

•Parrot Fever

It was seven a.m. and Steve was in the kitchen, blearily preparing atole* for his newest baby. The latest arrival in our growing family was perched on the back of a wooden chair across the table from me, teetering dangerously as it screamed its fool head off for breakfast.... (more) by Carl Franz

Hurricane A-Coming

I glanced at Arturo's camp through a pair of field glasses and with a start realized that the entire family was disassembling their driftwood and blue tarp house...."Oye David" Artúro began "I was going to tell you that Pecho, my brother-in-law believes that a very ugly storm is coming". He motioned toward the east...." (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

Steve Rogers

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