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published June, 2001

Char & Al and friends take their motorhomes into Mexico

#2) Saltillo to Zinapecuaro (via Zacatecas, Guadalajara, Ajijic, Chapala & Lake Patzcuaro)

Wow! We're actually here! We left Winter Haven, Florida, on Jan. 2nd, where we were freezing to death, drove slowly across I-10, still freezing to death, until we reached San Antonio on Jan. 7th. This is where we were to meet with Bruce and Judy, our friends from Massachusetts, and Donna and Dell from Winter Haven. Via our cell phones, we knew that Donna and Dell were going to be delayed a day, but Bruce and Judy showed up right on time, so all seemed OK.... (Until we reached the border)....Thus, if a tow car is brought along as a 2nd vehicle, it has to be put into a 2nd person’s name. All the paperwork has to be separated into one car or motorhome per person....Important: This also means having a credit card in each person’s name.... (more) by Char & Al Bennett

RV Adventures in Mexico with Reta & Dick

•#2) Oaxaca

Oaxaca Trailer Park is a busy crossroads, where we met people coming north, who had traveled down the Gulf Coast through the Yucatan peninsula & Chiapas, and people heading south, like us. Some people spend only a night, others stay for months. (more) by Reta & Dick Bray

And Here We Are.... RV-ing To Mexico!

•#1) Getting Ready

Since our friends had never been to Mexico while Al and I have been there several times (but never camping), I drew up what I considered to be a very encompassing itinerary.... including some new places for us. But we were also anxious to show off some of our favorite places from past trips, so I included those also.....So, in general, here is our itinerary: Crossing at Laredo, we’ll head to Zacatecas, then the Guadalajara area. From there we’ll visit ..... (more) By Char Bennett

RV Adventures in Mexico with Reta & Dick

•#1) South from Lake Chapala

On, January 4, 2001 we took off from our home on Mexico’s Lake Chapala, for a 3 month trip in our truck & 5th wheel trailer. Is a 29 1/2ft fifth wheel (with slide-out) an ideal RV for Mexico? Probably not, but we already had it from our previous extended travels in the U.S. & Canada, so decided to go for it and see what happens.... (more) by Reta Bray

Winnie the Winnebago Goes To Mexico, (Paige & Rich Demuth)

We headed through the Mexican customs checkpoint with the ‘random’ red or green light. Of course we got the red light. They asked for our import permit, passport and vehicle registration. The customs man began looking Winnie over....but, it seemed to be taking a little too long. I was starting to wonder if something might be wrong. I saw a grim look on his face. Then he hit us with the bad news. “This is not this car.” (in Spanish).

....My heart started pounding hard; my fluent Spanish was reduced to dribble and I could not speak.....

Winnie's troubles had just begun: (more) by Paige Demuth
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