Driving In Mexico

Gresham’s perfect RV

by Terry Gresham

I've got a recommendation for you.

You saw our 23 ft ultra-lite travel trailer when you were here last time. We drove to Reno, Nevada and spent a week in it.

I do not and will not ever "tow" any vehicle behind my RV. My sister tows her car behind their 38 ft motor home and most times they can't even get into the big RV parks around here without unhooking it. They also have trouble parking in restaurant parking lots to eat.

At Lake Pyramid, on the Indian reservation where we camped, we drove around the lake to the far side on a winding dirt road to see some interesting rock formations...we got some great pictures. The 4-wheel drive truck almost got stuck in the sand, so with a motorhome, no way would any size make it. So, you would have to tow something if you choose a motorhome.

We cannot tow a trailer larger than this 23 ft ultra-lite with our truck, so we are at our max without going to a bigger truck (which we won't do). The more you tow, the slower you go and the more gas you use!!!! We get pretty good gas mileage towing the trailer, but if we had a larger truck we would be into the big bucks for gas.. Now, we whiz right along at the speed limit 65-70 mph with everyone else on the freeway. That's what we want... travel light but comfortable and not too slowly. You remember our steep hill and dirt road up to our house. That little trailer tracks right up the hill with no problem, so we think we can handle most any backroad Mexico would have to offer....we have potholes too on our road.

We have a stand up shower and small bathtub, plenty of closet space and space under the bed which flips up. The bed is queen size and very comfortable, after adding a foam rubber pad and extra thick mattress pad. You can watch television from the bed, from the sofa or from the dinette which we will use as a desk for the computer. Good size two-door refrigerator with separate freezer. Three burner stove, oven, microwave, air conditioner, what more could you want?

But, no, I don't have a lot of dogs traveling with me, so this is plenty of space for two adults. Also, the big awning rolls right out and you can extend your living space with table and chairs outside. Marlin's mountain bike goes in the back of the truck along with lots of other gear: sleeping bags, air mattress, tent, a folding table, chairs, etc. We can be totally self-contained and not need hook-ups, which I prefer. We plan to get a generator to run the lights and refrigerator and air conditioning if necessary. The stove is gas. If we wish, and there aren't too many bugs, we can even sleep out under the stars!

I think this is the way to go, but the real test will be when we come to visit you in Mexico. We like to explore any area we would be going to, but others might like to just sun and relax, so I guess it depends on what you like to do once you arrive at your destination


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