Driving In Mexico

There is
No Perfect RV

By David "El Codo" Eidell

I've probably spent more time in an RV in Mexico than most folks and I can tell you that I am firmly convinced that there is no perfect RV. Most everything is a compromise. For instance, when I park a monster trailer, I can detach and take Nellie Belle to places where a VW van would refuse to go.

Carl, your and Lorena's van is much more economical and here's where the great decision on a compromise comes in...

You've got to START the process by answering some questions:

What is MOST important?

a) Getting to remote places?
b) Hauling favorite foods, books, gear, clothes?
c) Having play toys, possessions and other security blankets surround you on a long trip?
d) Mobility, and access to places via horrible roads?

An RV or the lack of one is an (sometimes illogical) extension of our personalities.

To me, the ever different panorama of frilly furniture, sewing machines, remote control model airplanes, accordions, wine cellars, libraries, gourmet kitchens, hardware stores, botany class, hawaiian lua, and Afrikan safari furniture keeps me plenty entertained. The perfect RV for Mexico is obviously a synergistic compilation of all of the illogical gear listed above. "The Incredible Inflatable RV" may not be far off the mark.

Another point. How far off and how long does one have to stay from the beaten track before a VW van becomes "mandatory"? I park my trailer and take my pickup to really remote places, then stay at hotels and such. I've found the bus to be better for shopping in small villages.

If one is ruled by their possessions, then they're going to need an RV of a size to haul their needed cargo.

As an example. I like to stay on beaches with little or no water. I don't like bathing out of a coffee can so I haul around huge blue drums. I am convinced that an ice chest keeps greens greener longer, so I take one along. The refrigerator is great for cold sodas, butter and ice cubes. The huge freezer on the other hand is great for keeping large amounts of vegetables when the market is a long way off.

See how simple this is? There is no "right" answer for most of us. Our RV's reveal to the whole world what is important to us as individuals. On a remote beach: While Carl and Lorena are next door battling mosquitoes, I'll take a hot bath, while an apple turnover is baking. While Carl and Lorena are sailing down the road the next morning, I'm stuck with the chore of dumping the shower water.

I do have to admit that raiding the refrigerator at midnight for ice cold fruit, and a glass of icy fresh milk is addictive. So is the idea of carrying bare knuckle essentials to make super Chinese dishes, mutant size popcorn kernels, or my absolute favorite drink - bitter cold mineral water over ice.

See how simple this is?


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©1972-2001 by Carl Franz & Lorena Havens