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The Perfect RV?

published: 2000

Carl's Update: My earlier article on the Perfect RV for Mexico brought swift rebuttals. Several of our readers now claim that they have the Perfect RV, and it doesn't look at all like the one we suggested. What do you think? Have you travelled to Mexico in a "perfect" van, pickup camper, 5th wheel, or motorhome? Cast your vote! Let us know!

Winnie the Winnebago Goes To Mexico

All in all, our motorhome performed well, we just took it nice and slow and found it took two of us to navigate it, one on each side. Since returning, however, and after reading all your excerpts on the Perfect RV for Mexico, I realize that I would not go down in a vehicle like that again. On the positive side, it was very comfortable and roomy, and nice to have a big bed and be able to take so much stuff back to the US with us. But every time we pulled into a town, I not only felt completely intrusive and obvious (gringos in town!) in our beastie vehicle from the United States, but I also was nervous that we would take out a roof eave or part of a car parked along the street! It was really just too big.

I agree with the guy who wrote you that he prefers one of those converted vans. As long as it has a toilet.... (more)

RV Adventures in Mexico with Reta & Dick

On, January 4, 2001 we took off from our home on Mexico’s Lake Chapala, for a 3 month trip. We have a '97 Dodge V-10 pickup with an extended cab (our dogs have to ride somewhere) and a '98 Hitchiker 5th wheel trailer. Is a 29 1/2ft fifth wheel (with slide-out) an ideal RV for Mexico? Probably not, but we already had it from our previous extended travels in the U.S. & Canada, so decided to go for it and see what happens.... (more)

The Perfect RV?

Finally... after decades of kicking tires and countless interviews with RV’ers in Mexico, Lorena and I are able to reveal our “Perfect Mexico RV” recommendation.... (more) by Carl Franz

•The Perfect RV: A Class B Motorhome

"I just finished reading your article on the Perfect RV, and I gotta tell ya' -- you're close but off the mark.

How do I know? Welllll, I'm a very experienced RVer and a moderately experienced Mexico traveler, as well as a former RV tech, aaaaaaand we just bought the perfect RV for Mexico -- a Class B motorhome. For those unfamiliar with the beast, it's an extended van with a raised roof, converted to a motorhome....I'll start by telling you what I think is wrong with your choice, which is based on our trip through Mexico last year in a similar rig...." (more) by Dennis Murry

Gresham’s Perfect RV: A 23 ft Ultra-lite Travel Trailer

"I've got a recommendation for you....a 23 ft ultra-lite travel trailer....I do not and will not ever "tow" any vehicle behind my RV. My sister tows her car behind their 38 ft motor home and most times they can't even get into the big RV parks around here without unhooking it. They also have trouble parking in restaurant parking lots to eat...." (more) by Terry Gresham

•There is No Perfect RV: BUT....

"I've probably spent more time in an RV in Mexico than most folks and I can tell you that I am firmly convinced that there is no perfect RV. Most everything is a compromise. For instance, when I park a monster trailer, I can detach and take Nellie Belle to places where a VW van would refuse to go. Your van is much more economical and here's where the great decision on a compromise comes in..." (more) By People's Guide Correspondent and notorious cheapskate, David "El Codo" Eidell

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