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Adventures In Mexico

Rock Climbing in Zacatecas

by Jim Fingar

I have uncovered a couple of gems in Mexico that your readers are not likely to find out about if they don’t read it in the People’s Guide.

In beautiful Zacatecas there is a school for rock climbing! A 33-foot high wall with overhang allows instructors to attach handholds in hundreds of different positions. Climbing routes can be varied from easy to impossible. Regional competitions are held twice annually. There is an international competition in September and experienced U.S. climbers are welcome to participate. You can sleep cheap in the hostel at the school

The president of the local mountaineering association, Uziel Gutiérrez, runs the school and can advise climbers about the climbing wall and natural climbing opportunities throughout Mexico. Contact: Multicentro Cumbres, Donato Guerra 213, Zacatecas, ZAC. CP 98000. Phone: 52 (country code) 492 (city code) 4-04-24 (Spanish). In U.S. call me at (614) 592-5616 for info in English.

For avid climbers, a first stop in Zacatecas is especially appealing because there are direct flights from Chicago, Tijuana and from a few cities in California to Zacatecas. No need to deal with The Beast (Mexico City!) Fly in, climb, bus connections to other climbing sites, and back out through Zacatecas.
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