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Can I be a Real Estate Agent in Puerto Vallarta?

Reply by Bill Masterson

Published Nov. 06
My name is Cathy Macdonald and I live in Alberta Canada...where things are finally starting to warm up....FINALLY... with you both being from Washington, I can appreciate your mentioning the cold winters that seem endless.....

I recently returned from Puerto Vallarta on Saturday. This was my 4th time there and I am also in love with that part of Mexico. I am a 32 year old who is just in the throws of a divorce. I recently sold my home here in Alberta and am thinking this is the time in my life to make a change a consider a move to Mexico.

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent here and am wondering if I would be able to continue with real estate sales in PV. Would I have to become re qualified to practice in some way? I realize the unemployment rates are high there. Is it practical for me to pursue employment?

I would assume most of your inquiries come from people wishing to retire. I wish that were my case but my golden years are a ways away. I would appreciate any advise that you can offer. I think this dream of mine is one which I now have my heart set on pursuing..... I have Mexico in my heart and nothing else will do.....

Thank you in advance for your help.


Your Canadian connection
Cathy M.

Bill Masterson replies:

There are many real estate agents in the Vallarta area already, and competition will be strong. Mexico
doesn't have formal regulations governing real estate agents in most parts of the country, but you'll have
to comply with self-employment requirements of the immigration authorities.

Good/quality real estate agents are lacking in Mexico, so if you have good skills and are a good networker - go ahead and make a familiarization trip to Vallarta to see what might be available. The internet will lead you to brokers in the community, and you can pre-arrange an interview with them for when you're in town.

If you have your heart set on going to Vallarta/Mexico and you have the wherewithal to do it - then do it. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you fail at the attempt. Better to fail trying than not trying in the
first place! Best wishes for success!

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