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Can I Garden Near Guadalajara?

From Frank Hodge

Hello there,

Have enjoyed reading your book, even though I have not gone through all of it. I am writing because I would like more information about gardening and farming in the area around Guadalajara. I haven't been able to find much about agriculture in Mexico.

By "farming", I mean, growing fruits and vegetables, and maybe a few animals for food. My criteria for a farm or ranch, would be a place where there is good water, fertile and fairly level terrain, and 20 plus hectares (40 plus acres). I hope to someday purchase a property in a farming/ranching community in Mexico.

Do you know about any type of farm grants available from the government (Mexican or American)? Any information would be appreciated.


Frank Hodge, Aurora, Colorado

Hello Frank,

I'm afraid I don't have a lot of info on gardening here in Mexico, but I can give you a clue or two. First of all, Lorena has a section on our website devoted to ACA, a community agriculture group on Lake Chapala. They have a serious training program for vegetable gardening on a commercial scale, and have recently opened a very nice shop and nursery at Jaltepec, a tiny community between Ajijic and Jocotepec.

Anyway, they keep promising to give us info on gardening/farming, but are very busy, so we don't press them -- we're afraid they might stop selling us vegetables! :)

Check out ACA's pages, <> and then send Marie an email. She's the best source of reliable info that I can recommend.

As for a grant: frankly, I doubt it. I know the Mexican government subsidizes farming in many ways, but I think this would be a long shot, especially for a foreigner.

best, Carl

Hello Carl and Lorena,

Thanks for getting back to me with this valuable information. I'm sure that a lot of people garden in Mexico, and any information available to the beginner, or to someone relocating to Mexico, certainly would be of great help. I hope to someday become a semi-resident of someplace in Mexico. Because I am a gardener, I would want to settle in a place where I can grow food and flowers.

Sincerely, Frank

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