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¿Can We Retire in Mexico on $1000 Canadian?

Answer by Carl Franz

Published: December 2002

Came across your pages on the internet the other day while doing yet another fruitless search on the internet for places in Mexico suitable for my wife and myself.

We don't fit into many of the categories of couples trying to migrate to Mexico -- first of all we hope to find a very quiet place where not a lot is happening in terms of tourists or development. We have both been fighting illness for the better part of a decade and, although just approaching 50 we are trying to find a quiet spot to do some healing, rather than a party lifestyle or high scale retirement.

And we are trying to do it on about $1000-$1200 Canadian a year.

Are we crazy, or barking up the wrong tree? Let me know what you think -- any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated... let me know how to use your web site to its' full potential at least!

Thanking your for your time, Brian

Carl responds: I sympathize... "fruitless searches" on the internet are all-too common. There's a lot of "stuff" that tries to pass itself off as information, but much of it just a waste of time.

Having got that off my chest, I can't really make a specific suggestion about a place to live for you... Mexico is a huge country, and there are so many possibilities, from coastal villages to highland cities.

As you obviously realize, your budget is slim. Many people living here would say "impossible", but I don't agree. The challenge is learning to live on whatever you've got, which means learning to cope "Mexican style". For example, small modest houses (without furniture or appliances) and apartments in thoroughly Mexican communities are certainly available for $100 a month, and probably even less (U.S. dollars).

I'd choose a small town or mid-sized city with a temperate climate (no heat or a/c required), and look for a place on a major bus route. Speaking Spanish is going to be very important, but you'll get along with simple Spanish, especially at first.

As for using our website to its full potential... I'm not quite sure what you mean, but perhaps you've gotten confused or lost there? I wouldn't be surprised if this were so... the site is now about 500 pages, and even I haven't seen it all. Lorena recently added a search engine link to Google, one that searches just our site. This will help you. Also, look at the site map and table of contents pages.

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What will it cost?

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