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People's Guide Travel Letter:

The People’s Guide Travel Letter began life several years ago as a way to share information that wouldn’t fit into our books, as well as a means of responding to the many excellent letters we receive from our readers. It wasn't long, however, before this casually conceived “newsletter” turned into a fully illustrated 64 page mini-book.

At just $15 for 4 issues, the Travel Letter also took a regular, quite painful bite out of our household budget. The financial support of advertisers helped, of course, but thanks to the steadily rising costs of printing, postage and handling, we’ve been lucky if an issue managed to break even.

Ironically, the response of readers has been very enthusiastic. I say “ironically”, because even as we tried to justify keeping the Travel Letter afloat, we also realized that our greatest competitor was our own People’s Guide To Mexico website. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to create an information-rich website for a fraction of the cost of a print publication. Better yet, we can publish and update the website from Mexico with laptop computers, either while travelling in our van or renting a house.

This led us to the obvious but reluctant conclusion that it was time to close down The People’s Guide Travel Letter. The good news is that from now on, letters, articles, artwork and other material that might have been published in the Travel Letter, will instead be published on the People’s Guide website. Better yet, there is no charge .

The big question remains: What about current subscribers, especially those who have paid for the Travel Letter?

We’ve come up with two options:

The first is a full refund: simply ask us to return the unused portion of your subscription and we’ll be glad to send you a check.

The third option is to simply write off whatever’s left of your subscription as a flaky investment.

If you have any other suggestions, or closing comments on The People’s Guide Travel Letter, please let us know.

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