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Coco Loco Open: Steve Rogers and Tina Rosa with their dog Xuxa pose in full drag dressed as twins for the annual Coco Loco Open, a golf tournament using coconuts for golf balls, on their favorite beach. This photo was taken by their daughter, Churpa, just months before Steve was diagnosed with liver cancer. Adorned with nail polish, glitter and a colorful assortment of tin, clay and stray miniatures, this icon measures @ 10" x 12". $28.00

Bobby Sheehan: This icon of Bobby Sheehan, bass guitarist for The Blues Traveler, is a sample of work commissioned as a tribute by his friend, Cree. For this piece the background of the original photo was replaced by ''60's Mandlebrott psychedelia, in honor of Bobby's musical roots, and the whole framed in glitter and adorned with a single rose-colored tinware heart.
Favorite photographs of family, friends and pets can be transformed into evocative icons. You & I will dialogue together to enable me to choose the materials that enliven your photograph with your friend's memorable qualities. Prices range from $20.00 up.

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