•Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti

Mike Warshauer

Mike Warshauer resides in a Mid-South state of some recent Federal notoriety. He and his wife Susan enjoy travel, especially in México. Because of a plug by Carl Franz in an ad for Fenix Language Institute, in Cuernavaca, Mike attended a two-week immersion course in 1992, and loved it all.

Mike afirms loyalty using the 1st edition of the The People's Guide to Mexico

Employed as a professional panadero, Mike relaxes at his Macintosh computer by writing synthesized speech conversations in English and Mexican Spanish.

-- "Hola, Carlos! ¿Me permite presentarte mi amiga Catalina?"
--"Creo que no he tenido el gusto de encontrarla antes. Encantado, Srta."
--"Encantada, Sr.

"When I was a kid, Larry King (then Larry Zeiger) was my baby sitter. Really!"

•Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti

Taking a cue from the last edition of "The People's Guide To Mexico," I ordered the book, "Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti". The book is quite entertaining for the aficionado of the slangier side of Latin American (heavy emphasis on Mexican) Spanish. It delves deep into the cruder aspects of cabronería, y el pendejismo. Readers of a delicate sensibility might find portions distasteful. It gives a more in-depth account of "la verga", notorious parrot phrase from The People's Guide to Mexico . (A word to be avoided.) by Mike Warshauer.... (Full Review) Order Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti

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