Who Are We?

P. G. Meier

P.G. Meier is a native Californian who lives in Oakland with his wife, dog and cat. He has traveled in Mexico since the early seventies and says there is no better way to start a day than drinking a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in an open-air café while the sun warms the day.

Oaxaca Handbook

Most guidebooks on Mexico devote 10, maybe 20 pages to Oaxaca.... I’ve always been left hungry for more.... Well, my hunger has finally been satisfied. In Oaxaca Handbook. Bruce Whipperman offers a complete menu of not just the valley of Oaxaca, but the entire state.Whipperman has a special interest in outdoor activities and ecological tourism. He emphasizes hiking in Oaxaca’s national parks and other natural attractions. He enthusiastically writes of people working to improve the ecology of the places where they live....(more) Review by P.G. Meier

Seasons of My Heart

Video tapes of Susana Trilling cooking lessons

The night the tapes arrived, my wife and I watched the first three episodes. They were so good we had to force ourselves to wait until the weekend to watch the rest. The series is a treasure. The shows are split about 50/50 between cooking demonstrations and "field trips" taking us to peoples' homes, to markets, to farms and to villages. These side trips show the food in context, demonstrating the culture of the food and people of Oaxaca....(more) Review by P.G. Meier

How to find Used & Out-of-Print Mexico Books

After looking through the books listed on the PG site I went out looking in the Bay Area for three: Judas at the Jockey Club, A War of Witches and Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti. Believe it or not, I could find none of them here. After I struck out here, I tried the online version of one of my favorite book stores in the world: Powell's in Portland....(more)

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