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John Regan says of himself:

I have probably bought ten copies of your book. And given them away to less informed souls while I have travelled Mexico. Thanks for your wonderful insight, recipes and humorous stories!!! My name is John Regan and I am the Diving Safety Officer for National Geographic T.V. Also I am an avid Mexico traveller and have been going south since '76.

I travel to BAJA at least twice a year. I will be happy to update road conditions, locations of military checkpoints, the cool beaches, etc.

I am in contact with friends in Mulege, Loreto and Cabo weekly by email. If there is any specific requests I will be happy to ask for the info and forward it.

If you have questions, please email me..

From a later email:

My Baja trip was cut short.... I did a NO NO and was driving at night, (I KNOW!!!) and discovered a donkey with the front of my truck. Thank God for Mexican insurance. I planning the next trip in March, but may do a gonzo trip before. I will let you know. Keep in touch and swerve fast when you see yellow eyes in your headlights!

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by John Regan
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