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The People's Guide To Mexico

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Only In Mexico

Joan Parker

Eggs with dreaded meat, eggs with fool and fruit with not ice cream were on a menu at the Huizache Motel restaurant in Saltillo on the first night I ever spent in Mexico (headed for San Miguel in l965). Joan Parker

The Beach

The bus from Vallarta dropped me on the highway and I walked into a town out of One Hundred Years of Solitude. Pines with long shiny droopy needles that hung in circles around upright candles were the most common tree. Mostly one story buildings with tile roofs, all banded in two colors, open doors, dark rooms, a pool hall-dark with three tables, men standing around.... (more) by Joan Parker

•Blessing the car

Sunday a Mexican family drove up in front of the Parroquia (in San Miguel De Allende) in a brand new big American car, got out leaving all doors open, opened the trunk and hood. A priest came out and shook a stick (for want of Catholic terminology) dipped in what must have been holy water --in every open door and in the trunk and under the hood. Then the family got in and drove off.... (more) by Joan Parker

Joan Visits Baja in Mad Max

The water was phosphorescent and swimming at night was like swimming in liquid light. Floating in the water looking up at the stars (and the comet!) I said to Bill - "Tell me again why I’m going back to Tucson?".... (more) by Joan Parker


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