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Jim Jamieson

Jim Jamieson has been a reporter for The Province newspaper in Vancouver, Canada for the last 15 years, covering sports, hard news and, most recently, high technology. He has also written numerous freelance magazine and newspaper articles about Mexico and no longer sweats in the D.F. Jim was also an editor and typist (in the pre-computer days) for "The People's Guide to Boating, Backpacking and Camping in Mexico.

Mexico City: Is It Safe?

As the bus pulled into the Terminal del Norte, we made our final preparations for Mexico City.

"Weapons on auto?" I said.

"Check," said my wife Nancy.

"Camouflage paint?"

"Check, dad," said Hannah, my 10-year-old, putting a last black streak on her cheek.

"Money belts secured?"

"Check," I answered myself.

With that, the bus ground to a halt and in a moment we were standing on the tarmac at the Terminal del Norte in the gathering darkness..... (more) by Jim Jamieson

Huatulco: Boat Cruise Warning

If you're planning a boat cruise in Huatulco, make sure you get ALL the details before handing over the pesos. This obvious, though often overlooked guideline is likely true for any resort in Mexico, but we learned the hard way in Huatulco.... (more) by Jim Jamieson

•Summer in Oaxaca?

We are looking seriously at coming to Mexico for a month next July. Would you have any suggestions re places to take Nancy and Hannah? We will probably spend between one and two of the four weeks in San Miguel. Keep in mind that Nancy has never been to Mexico, but has travelled a lot and Hannah will be 10 and a half. from Jim Jamieson

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