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April 2002

Is it possible to work as a medical or legal transcriptionist via the net? Can I work from Mexico? How much will I earn?.... (more) with an answer by Bill Masterson

Boca Paila: Cabañas Las Conchita

On the way to Cancun with a plane full of graduating high school seniors, we felt as out of place as Yanni fans at a Limp Bizkit concert. Fortunately our final destination was not one of the mega-resorts in Cancun where the high schoolers were going.... (more) by Deborah Shepard-McCague

Homestays in Cuernavaca?

Do you know if it is possible to do a homestay with a family if you are not going to attend a language school? We are going to Cuernavaca this summer for a month and would like to do this.... (more) from Colleen

Motorcycles to Belize

We crossed the border at Nogales, AZ. on Jan 31, 2002. There were 5 of us on trip: Gail Brooks (74 years old), Jerre & Helen Doss (late 50's) & Ralph & Charlene Wallace (early 60's). There were 2 Honda Goldwings 1800's & a Honda Shadow 1100.... (more) by Charlene Wallace

Paying for calls to the US & Canada with a Credit Card is Expensive!

I just returned home from Acapulco. The signs on the LadaTel telephone booths urged you to use your credit card, to call home. Unfortunately, I did!.... The charge was $122.64 (Canadian dollar).... (more) from Steve B

Problems with Phone Cards in Mexico

I was in Cancun last week. I purchased a phone card at Walmart. On the front of the card, it has a picture of food and says “sushitepec” by shokuni..... it did not work. It used up all my time just trying to connect.

My question is: who can I call in the US to get my money back or get a new card.... (more) from Lori

Buying Prescription Medicines in Mexico: Update: March 2002

Mexico's legislature nixed president Vicente Fox's plans to add a twenty percent tax onto prescription medicine sales. Medicines seem to be one of the few commodities in Mexico that haven't undergone a series of spiraling price increases in the last several months. If anything, competition in border cities has resulted in price slashing on some of the more expensive antibiotics and stomach remedies.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

David "El Codo" Eidell attempts to update his image

Hi Lorena,

Perhaps it would be wise to add a caveat to the description of "El Codo", aka, the cheapskate. We all know that I am thrifty, but various readers seem to interpret this as meaning "price is everything".

I think "value is everything" would be a more apt description of my propensity to squeeze every peso until the Aztec farts... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

March 2002

On the Road With Tina Rosa

Lorena's Note: At last, here are the last several reports from Tina Rosa of her Odyssey into Mexico the winter after Steve Roger's death.

#19 Departures
#20 Pueblita's Flowers
#21 Rear View Mirror
#22 Lingering & Malingering
#23 Re-entry
#24 1st Anniversary of Steve's Death

Juana's Husband

One early Spring when I showed up to announce the coming of the Red Truck, I found a man busy threshing wheat out by Juana's house. Apparently wheat does well in white, clayey soil, for it is the main crop of the region. Here the tortillas aren't corn, they are wheat. The man was threshing in a large circle, ten feet in diameter with a worn stone floor and a curb of stones around the perimeter. In the middle was a wooden post to which were roped, side by side, four donkeys and a mule. Behind them, chasing the four donkeys and mule round and round the post, and thereby causing them to stomp or thresh the piles of wheat below, was a man in a white straw hat. I recognized him as Juana's husband.... (more) by Eric Mindling

San Sebastian, Mascota & Talpa

I had always wanted to see San Sebastian, Talpa, and Mascota. These small mountain towns are located east of Puerto Vallarta on the ‘back’ road to Guadalajara....We boarded the bus at the ‘crucero’ (crossroad) for Las Juntas, about 8 miles north of P.V.... It was an old style bus, what we used to call a chicken bus (as people carried anything from iguanas to chickens on them). However, in concession to modern times, this one had a sign as you boarded that read, "No Alcohol, No Animals, and if you need to barf, do it in your bag.".... (more) by Karen Kulik

Save Your Mexican Medicine Receipts

US Customs announced that medicines from a Baja California chain of pharmacies will be confiscated at the border. Starting today, medicines purchased from farmacias VIDA SUPREMA, a Tijuana based chain of twenty pharmacies are "medicinas non gratis" into the United States.... The US Attorney General says that the pharmacy is somehow linked to the infamous Arellano Felix drug cartel and the ban is one way the United States plans to combat profits and money laundering.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

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