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December 2002

•Yucatan and the States

After a summer of waking early every morning to catch the employee bus to my job at Xcaret on the Yucatan Peninsula, I should have had no trouble waking early this morning. After all, today was the day I was supposed to catch an eleven-thirty flight back to the United States. But as it turned out, I had slept late and might have slept straight through the day had not a gust of wind slammed back the shutters over my window and rattled me awake. I rose with a start, suddenly aware of the bind I was in. I packed hurriedly, threw my bag over my shoulder, and rushed out to the coastal highway. Once there, all I could do was wait.... (more) by Cameron Ellis

•¿Taking Pets on the Airlines to Mexico?

We have three dogs (one, Sucia, who we found in Vallarta as a small puppy almost 2 years ago and brought home with us!) and three cats who need to be transported. I have grave fears about their safety. Any recommendations that you have regarding airlines.... (more) from Nadin

•Taking Pets on Airlines: Reguirements & Suggestions

Mishaps can, and do, happen. However, if you take the necessary precautions it should be ok, if car travel is not an option.... (more) by Pat Lawrie

Pets on Airlines: Returning to the US

I would be more concerned about getting the dogs out of Mexico by air. Since 9/11, I heard you need a broker to negotiate the dog across the border and it costs a lot.... (more) by Joan & Tony Sikes

•¿Is It Safe to Drive in Baja? ¿Banditos?

Perhaps the best way to describe Mexico1, the transpeninsular highway is to say that many solo grandmother types drive small to medium size RV's annually to a winter's perch on a beach. Sadly, the days of banditos, highway robbery and ambushes have seem to have gone the way of the dodo.... (more) questions answered by David "El Codo" Eidell

•San Blas: One Month After Hurricane Kenna

We were wondering how things are one month after the hurricane. We love San Blas, having been there five times in the last ten years, and had been thinking of returning for christmas.... Are tourists welcome or a nuisance at this stage?

Tom replies: As of now the town has been cleaned up. Almost all the rubble has been removed and power has been restored....Don’t feel guilty about coming as a tourist. It’s the one of the best contributions you can make to San Blas. Stimulate the economy.... (more) by Tom Nelson

•¿What Happened to the People of San Blas

Shortly after Tom's articles appeared on The People's Guide to Mexico website, people started asking about how they could help, I asked Tom if he would be willing to start a fund to help the poorest people of San Blas....

Tom also generously agreed to answer emails from people concerned about friends in San Blas. Following are some of his replies over the last month. I’m publishing them on the website both for general interest and for others who may be wondering about the same friends in San Blas.... (more) Answers by Tom Nelson

•¿Can We Retire in Mexico on $1000 Canadian?

We don't fit into many of the categories of couples trying to migrate to Mexico -- first of all we hope to find a very quiet place where not a lot is happening in terms of tourists or development...We are trying to find a quiet spot to do some healing, rather than a party lifestyle or high scale retirement. And we are trying to do it on about $1000-$1200 Canadian a year. Are we crazy, or barking up the wrong tree?.... (more) Answer by Carl Franz

•¿Can I Find Computer Work in Puerto Vallarta?

I'm a Sr. Computer Guy... I have enough cash to relocate there and probably live for a year or so on my savings... however, I'd like to go into some type of work. What type of work I can get in Puerto Vallarta.... (more) Answer by Robert Foster

•My Medicines Weren't Allowed Into The U.S.

When we came back to the border the Customs Officials detained me, told us we could NOT take ANY controlled substance into US unless we also had a US prescription.... (more) Answered by David "El Codo" Eidell

•¿What If They Won't Let Your Prescription Medicine Across the Border?
Uneven U.S. Customs Enforcement Policy Towards Controlled Medicines: Updated December 2002

Let's say that you've followed all of the recommendations regarding being legal and declaring your medicines to U.S. Customs. Upon your declaration, the Customs Agent responds with "Sorry you cannot bring that medicine into the United States" (or any number of other negative replies)..... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

October-November 2002

•Friends of San Blas: Donations to help those most in need

I’ve had a good response from several of you re: donations to help the people of San Blas.I’m setting up a fund here, "Friends of San Blas" to help those most in need..... (more) by Tom Nelson

Pets in Mexico

Mexico rolls out the red carpet for two-legged foreign visitors and expatriate residents, but what sort of reception do pets receive south of the border? Will your new neighbors appreciate your Great Dane’s finer qualities or will they simply recoil in fear and horror at the animal’s intimidating size? Will you have to restrain dear Rex on a thick chain or keep him closely confined inside a yard? How do tough Mexican street dogs react to the presence of a pampered foreign mutt or new cat on the block? ... (more) by Carl Franz

Cuca & Poco's Favorite Dog Food Recipe
Joan's Bake Dog Food Recipe

San Blas: 9 days after Hurricane Kenna

Everyone here is very surprised at the response time of the Mexican Govt. in dealing with this disaster. The army has moved in a large field kitchen, located in the primary school in the center of town, and are serving 3 free meals a day. People from Tepic, Puerto Vallarta and other town are driving the streets handing out packages of food and clothing. About 25% of the city now has power and the power commission is still working 24 hrs. a day....San Blas is famous for mosquitos, but even the people here have never seen mosquitos like this.... (more) by Tom Nelson

Crossing the US Border: What Might Happen

Why Is He Typing In My License Plate Number?

US Customs, created a computer database system in the late 1980's that links every kiosk in every Port of Entry, together so that information could be shared instantly.... By noting the time, and place of your entry "Big Brother" can later review this data to see if perhaps a strange or odd pattern emerges. If for instance a Missouri automobile repeatedly enters the US between two and four a.m. at various entry points .... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

The Mexican Left Turn Angelic Blues

Coming up on our left is an ample gravel turn out to a distant building. I signal a left turn (first big booboo) and start to slow. A car going about 100mph roars past on the left, and I begin my turn. Almost off the pavement, a sudden push from behind sends us flying onto the gravel. Completely rattled but apparently unhurt, I continue forward and swing in a large circle to return to the highway where ES faces her “attacker”.... (more) By Tina Rosa

San Blas after Hurricane Kenna

I'm in Tepic at an internet cafe. We have no power, water or phones in San Blas and I don't know for sure when we will. Estimates are 3 days to 3 weeks. The govt is working hard to restore power and is supplying food, blankets, bedding, purified water and many other things.... (more) by Tom Nelson

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