The People's Guide To Mexico

!Viva Mexico!

¡Viva Mexico!

Visiting the Virgin of Guadalupe

I'm planning a trip to Mexico City from Dec.9th thru the 18th. Is Mexico City "swamped" with tourists etc. for the Dec. 12th birthday celebration of the Virgin? What accommodations do you recommend?... (more)

•Blessing the car

Sunday a Mexican family drove up in front of the Parroquia (in San Miguel De Allende) in a brand new big American car, got out leaving all doors open, opened the trunk and hood. A priest came out and shook a stick (for want of Catholic terminology) dipped in what must have been holy water --in every open door and in the trunk and under the hood. Then the family got in and drove off.... (more) by Joan Parker

Mexico's flying Voladores

Your information about the "voladores" is fascinating!

I'm a beginner, in the Spanish language. What would the proper pronunciation of voladores be?.... (more) from Jan Willis

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