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Robberies at Toll Booths?


We recently found your website and have been enjoying it. In days past we have driven from Nogales to Mazatlan, but in recent years have not done so because of safety factors. When we heard of people being robbed at the toll stations we were appalled.... (more)

Driving Nogales to Guadalajara: Is it Safe?

hi carl and lorena

i will be traveling to mexico for the first time in my truck with two other friends. we will be traveling from california to arizona to cross at nogales, nogales all the way down to guadalajara with stops in ciudad obregon and mazatlan. I wanted to know how safe this route is. i have heard parts of sinaloa could be dangerous. any advice appreciated.... (more)

So much Bad Press on Mexico


We are interested in buying your book but wonder if it has the info we are searching for: we are 2 retired couples from the Far Frozen North, but relatively young (early 50's) and are interested in Mexico, specifically the Yucatan peninsula and possibly Belize.

There is much bad press (AAA and CAA) re the crime rate being up 80% and no guarantee that the toll roads are safe etc.... (more) from Norm and Louise Fowler

Warning: Trails at Palenque

I had heard through the grapevine at the Maya Bell Campground that one could hike to the back entrance of the Palenque ruins from the campground or road. The trail has beautiful waterfalls and wading pools and is enormously popular for skinny dipping by Europeans.

So I hiked there, thinking I would not be alone. I was soon attacked by two Mexican men. I assume they were stalking me....(more) from Rachel Greenberg

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