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Airplanes & Buses

Bus from PV to Guadalajara?

Could you please provide information regarding travel between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara? Is it possible to do on your own by bus? If so what is the cost and how often do the buses run? .... (more)

Flying from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca

I just read your letter to Jim Jamieson. I just spent 4 months along the coast near PE and had to fly to Oaxaca City several times. The flights are run by AeroCaribe and AeroVega(less expensive but smaller plane). Costs one-way are $70 to 95 (US). They fly new turboprops. The quality of the flights was excellent.... (more) by Ray Mueller

•Bus Hijacked & Robbed

I have an...um...interesting Mexican cultural experience to report. Yes, it has finally happened to me. My bus was hijacked and robbed by highway banditos!.... (more) by Sean P.

•The Savvy Bus Traveller

When your bus arrives at your destination for the day, resist the impulse to rush out of the bus, through the bus station and out onto the street. Hang on and check things out. You've got an opportunity to get some very useful information just by looking around.... (more) by Barney Blankenship


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