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Mexican Flora

Hi Lorena: We have been looking for books on Mexican Flora. The Flora is so beautiful and interesting, but there does not seem to be much available to help in identifying them. We have found: Tropical Blossoms....Review of several books by Jerry & Susan B. Eubanks

•Recommend: On Mexico Time

Hola, mis amigos --

I now follow your web page and am aware of your new project about living and retiring in Mexico. I await it eagerly. I would like to recommend a new book I'm sure you would find interesting and relevant: On Mexico Time, by Tony Cohen..... (more) from Neal Erickson

Where can I buy Choose Mexico

I have been looking for a book on retirement in Mexico for my boss....(more) from Jacqueline Murphy Sears

Searching for the RV Book

Hi Car and Lorena,

We have searched and searched here and cannot find your book Rving in Mexico.... (more) from Karen Harris & Richard Herman

• Buying used books on Mexico

After looking through the books listed on the PG site I went out looking in the Bay Area for three: Judas at the Jockey Club, A War of Witches and Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti. Believe it or not, I could find none of them here. After I struck out here, I tried the online version of one of my favorite book stores in the world: Powell's in Portland....(more) by by P.G. Meier

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