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RV, Van & Trailer: Classifications for Mexico's Toll Roads & Money-Saving Tips

Who else to ask but the experts! My wife and I plan on doing some extensive "adventure travelling" throughout Mexico. As part of the budgeting process I am trying to figure out how a Class B motorhome would be classified on the "cuotas". Would it be a "pick-up/panel", an "autobus" or a "C2"?... (more)

David "El Codo" Eidell responds

Shopping in Oaxaca: Black Pottery & Weavings; Oaxaca Links

We are interested in visiting Oaxaca this fall. We are interested in purchasing Oaxaca black clay pottery and woven textiles. We have a retail shop and want to introduce Mexican art. Can you give me information on which factories or artisans are the ones we should visit and who to deal with? Is Oaxaca the best place for us to purchase these items, or are there towns outside of Oaxaca to consider- if so which ones.... (more)

Carl Franz Responds

Driving to the Copper Canyon from Arizona

We are a church hiking club from Phoenix, AZ interested in exploring the Copper Canyon. We were told that the Canyon was in the vicinity of Puerto Penasco, but none of your articles mention driving from Arizona. Is this possible? Could we cross the border at Puerto Penasco for the shortest route, rather than at Nogales? This is my first question. I am still deeply engrossed in reading your website. It is wonderful! from Nanneygoat (Susan Dunnivant)

Answers by Carl & Lorena......

What is a Vipassana Meditation Course Like?

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the Vipassana 10 day meditation course. I was introduced to meditation while practicing yoga. I am interested in the course and would love to hear about your personal experiences during the 10 day course. I am a person who loves to talk, so I am wondering if I can even manage to be mostly silent for 10 days. That in itself would be a challenge! I would also love to know how you have applied Vipassana to your daily life.

Thanks! April,

Lorena responds:.... (more)

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