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....I hadn't traveled in Mexico for twenty years and I really appreciated your book. It reminded me of the spirit of the Mexican people and helped me to realize how much I wanted to experience it again. The people somehow keep their society running in spite of corruption and crime. I think it's held together largely by “por favor” and “gracias.”....(more) from Jana Stephens

You Could have been making it all up.

Hi Carl & Lorena, You may or may not be pleased to know that I have dusted off my trusty old copy of the People’s Guide and taken to reading it again during breakfast and quiet moments out at the latrine. The book has been in hibernation for years since my first devouring of its pages in my late adolescence.

Back then I thought your book to be a bible of good words, wise advise and fine tips. But since I'd never travelled in Mexico, what the hell did I know? You could have been making it all up.... (more) from Eric Mindling, Potterologist

Hello Carl and Lorena,

Like untold others, your work was my introduction to beautiful Mexico some 20 years ago. As important as the practical advice in you books, is the vibe. More than any other gabachos, you have changed Mexico from a scary foreign place, to a friendly foreign place. You're great.... Keep up the good works. My wife and I have enjoyed riding along with you for the past 20 years. Esmi

Dear Carl & Lorena, After several trips to mexico travelling PG style, I feel I've at least earned the privelege of writing to express my thanks. after all, the people's guide was written for me and my husband, Curly. We don't have much money, we avoid border towns, cities, and tourist areas and we love the mexican people.... Before travelling in mexico, of course, I had heard the horror stories. But, it didn't take long to realize....(more) from b.j.

30 Years ago: Hitchhiked B.C. to Mexico with the PG stuffed in backpack

Dear Carl and Lorena,

I can hardly believe it was 30 years ago that I hitchhiked from B.C. to Mexico with your People's Guide To Mexico stuffed into my backpack. It was in the pages of that book that I first learned of a sleepy little village called Puerto Escondido. I ended up living there for several months, and it was one of the most memorable times of my life... (more) by Richard Kerk-Hecker (Oct 06)

Much Belated Letter

Carl and Lorena

About twenty years ago you appeared at some building or other at the University of Washington. Have read your books since the '72' edition (still have a couple three copies of that edition hanging around here someplace).

Anyway my wife to be and I were going to go to the central Mexican mountains and see the Monarch butterflies and be married amidst the glorious sunrise and butterfly poop.... (more)

•The Shear Pleasuring of Reading the Anecdotes

Read your books years ago and loved them, not only for the information content, but the sheer pleasure of reading the anecdotes. Somewhere in a move, I lost them, so was really pleased to see the reissue of PGTM. Have to see if I can scrounge up a used copy of "Camping, boating, and RVing".

Carl: You're an awesome writer and an inspiration. rickb

By Golly, by Gum

"I was taking a little break yesterday afternoon and surfin' the web when I fell into your site. By golly, by gum, you can't imagine how absolutely delighted I was to find access to couple of my ol heroes from the 70's!! I used to have the most beat up dog eared copy of "peoples guide" you could imagine. I swear, must of hauled it around until it was dust, loved that book!.... (more)

First trip was in 1966. Can't seem to stay away for long

I own your last edition of The People's Guide to Mexico and it's wonderful. Now, we would like to purchase the newest edition, which I understand will be available this month. How can I purchase a copy? We've spent a lot years travelling around Mexico. First trip was in 1966. Can't seem to stay away for long and plan to spend another winter there this year. Thank you in advance. Janet Hubley (Dec 2002)

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